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Synergy Capital Markets acts as a Capital Markets Initial Public Offer Underwriter for a company. Synergy Capital Markets ensures that the issuer firm satisfies all regulatory requirements, such as filings with the appropriate bodies and depositing all fees, and makes all mandatory financial data available to the public.


Next, and perhaps most importantly, Synergy Capital Markets sets the Issuer Firm (the company going public) up with meetings with Licensed Broker Dealers and Market Makers who will in turn introduce the issuer to large prospective buyers of stock, such as mutual funds and insurance companies who have large sums of money to invest.


Synergy Capital Markets will work with the Issuer, the Broker Dealer(s), and the Market Maker(s) to take the pulse of prospective buyers, and then recommends an IPO price to the Issuer Firm. This is the price at which the shares will be sold. An excessive price may leave the firm with unsold stock, while a price that is too low will mean forgone revenue from the stock sale.

Synergy Capital Markets does not participate in the sale of securities, or the marketing of securities, nor does Synergy Capital Markets provide investment advice to individual investors.

Synergy Capital Markets is an Alternative Investments Advisor to Family Offices, Investment Banking Firms, Registered Investment Advisory Firms, Asset Management Firms, Broker Dealers, Market Makers, Life Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments and other Institutional Investment Firms. 


Once a listing has been approved, but before public trading commences, the Company will be taken on an extensive Road Show across throughout the United States, and/or Internationally, to expose the financing to appropriate institutional investment groups with the expectation to secure funding commitments within one to two weeks.

Primary United States & Canada RoadShow locations (but not limited to):

  • New York City

  • Los Angeles

  • San Francisco

  • Miami

  • Houston

  • Dallas

  • Chicago

  • Boston

  • Toronto

Primary International Locations (but not limited to):

  • Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf)

  • Switzerland (Zurich & Geneva)

  • Dubai

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Singapore

  • London

  • Hong Kong

  • Tokyo

  • Sydney

  • Sao Paulo

The Market Makers & Broker Dealers will work with the Institutional Investor groups who will buy new stock at a negotiated discount to the market price.

Synergy Capital Markets has NO UPFRONT FEES OR COSTS, and 100% of the Synergy Capital Markets Fees are collected upon capitalization of the Company through the IPO process. Synergy Capital Markets is not responsible for the costs or fees associated with: 

  • Incorporation costs or fees

  • Market Maker / Designated Sponsor costs or fees

  • Registrar or Transfer Agent costs or fees

  • Stock Exchange Listing Fees

  • Broker Dealer costs or fees

  • Any Valuations or Financial Audits

  • Legal Documentation costs or fees


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