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Commercial Real Estate Division

Private Debt Market

Synergy Capital Markets provides a wide array of loan programs to match your particular financing requirements. Our financing resources are some of the most extensive in the industry (Family Offices, Pension Funds, Life Insurance Companies, Private & Public Real Estate Investment Trusts, Endowments, Hedge Funds, Investment Banking Firms and other Institutional Investment Firms), allowing us to offer the best financing terms available in the marketplace.

Choosing a loan program requires an understanding of your investment goals. Some investment goals are: short term or long term financing, maximum transactional flexibility, maximize transactional cash flow, property repositioning, and quick close, to mention a few.  Investment goals must be matched with the most suitable loan program for a project to achieve its maximum transactional efficiencies. 


Synergy Capital Markets' debt loan programs include fixed rate, adjustable rate, interim financing, private money, and participating loans.  By matching your investment goals with the correct loan program, we are sure to structure financing terms that best meet your projects transactional goals.


Many of Synergy Capital Markets' debt programs focus outside the realm of traditional lenders, allowing real estate owners, operators and developers to meet their needs for time sensitive and complicated transactions where certainty of execution provides a substantial financial advantage.


Loans can be secured by the majority of property types including office buildings, multifamily buildings, warehouses, retail strip centers, shopping centers, hotels, mixed use properties, land, mobile home parks, health care properties, assisted living properties, medical office buildings, and property portfolios.


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