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Commercial Real Estate Division

Real Estate Financing Programs

Synergy Capital Markets is responsible for servicing Commercial Real Estate Loans for Regional and National Banks, Investment Banking Firms, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, Specialty Finance Companies and other Portfolio Lenders throughout the United States, North American, South America, Europe and Asia. 

Synergy Capital Markets is one of the nation's fastest growing commercial real estate financing companies, built on the strength of long-standing relationships with Life Insurance Companies, Endowments, Pension Funds and Investment Banking firms from all corners of the globe. These relationships have provided us with traditional and non-traditional commercial real estate mortgage financing products.

Synergy Capital Markets has deep industry relationships, underwriting experience and market expertise. Synergy Capital Markets originates and underwrites senior secured real estate transactions. Transactions are focused on experienced sponsorship that require moderate to high leverage, and has a visible repayment strategy.

A significant portion of Synergy Capital Markets' financing practice is fixed-rate financing for the development, acquisition, refinancing and re-positioning of commercial real estate properties, primarily across the United States, but the Firm will consider international commercial real estate ventures on a "case-by-case" basis.

As an alternative to fixed-rate financing solutions, especially during periods with low interest rates, Synergy Capital Markets provides clients with optimal floating-rate financing solutions for developing, acquiring, refinancing and re-positioning commercial real estate properties across the country, and internationally.

Our core Commercial Real Estate Financing Programs are:

  • Traditional Commercial Real Estate (Office, Retail, Industrial, etc).

  • Multi-Family Lending

  • Commercial Construction Financing

  • Commercial Bridge Loan Financing

  • Commercial Private Equity & Joint Ventures

  • Commercial Private Debt Financing

  • Commercial Hard Money / Distressed Borrower Ventures


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