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Synergy Capital Markets is the fastest growing "Alternative Investments Advisor" to Family Offices, Investment Banking Firms, Registered Investment Advisory Firms, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Firms, Life Insurance Companies, Private Equity Firms, Asset Management & Wealth Management Firms, Pension Funds, National & Regional Banks, Endowments and other Institutional Investment Firms around the Globe. 

With over Fifty Years of management's combined of experience in venture debt, Synergy Capital Markets is uniquely positioned to quickly create innovative financing solutions that perfectly fit within a company's existing capital structure and map to its business objectives.


Synergy Capital Markets' Corporate Finance Division understands the flexibility these types of companies need, and has the experience to work closely with them, even through challenging times, to help them reach critical milestones.

Synergy Capital Markets' deep sector expertise, geographic presence and its strong capital base makes Synergy Capital Markets the capital partner of choice for innovative companies operating around the Globe.

Responsive, Creative & Flexible:

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it’s like to start a business and to raise the capital necessary. We understand that the best ideas are usually never immediately obvious and that unconventional wisdom can’t be measured by formulas, or its benefits be captured in a spreadsheet.

That’s why our broad technology-related portfolio is as diverse as the innovative entrepreneurs we represent.

With an investor mindset, a strong capital base, an experienced team and a track record of success, Synergy Capital Markets continually strives to be highly responsive, creative and flexible in addressing each portfolio company's unique capital requirements.

Our Financing Solutions are as varied as the Portfolio Companies we Represent:

Growth Capital Financing:

  • Capital extension (cushion to reach next milestones or additional milestones)

  • Company, asset, or intellectual property acquisition financing

  • Convertible, subordinated and mezzanine loans

  • Domestic and international corporate expansion

  • Management buy-outs and corporate spinout financing

  • Revenue acceleration (sales and marketing development, manufacturing expansion, etc.)

  • Vendor financing

  • Other growth capital financing

Asset Based Financing:

  • Accounts receivable facilities

  • Cash flow

  • Equipment acquisition

  • Equipment loans or leases

  • Facilities build-out and/or expansion (lab, manufacturing capacity, etc.)

  • Inventory

  • Working capital revolving lines of credit

  • Other asset-based financing

IPO, M&A and Public Company Financing:

  • Bridge financing to IPO or M&A or technology acquisition

  • Cash flow financing to protect against share price volatility

  • Competitor acquisition

  • Dividend recapitalizations and other sources of investor liquidity

  • Pre-IPO financing for extra cash on the balance sheet

  • Public company financing to continue asset growth and production capacity

  • Short-term bridge financing

  • Strategic and intellectual property acquisition financing

Other Type of Financing Solutions:

  • Seed and early-stage financing to help launch new companies

  • Other customized financing solutions

Fostering Growth without Diluting Equity:

For companies at critical stages of development, debt can serve as a key financing option to foster growth, with minimal dilution of equity ownership. At Synergy Capital Markets, not only do we understand the industries of our portfolio companies, but we also understand the growth process - and occasionally the growing pains - they undergo.

When venture debt is used appropriately, we believe entrepreneurs gain the following benefits:

  • Able to raise capital in a way that benefits the team and the business as a result of the greater flexibility offered by venture debt than traditional forms of debt financing

  • Have more time between equity rounds to build the business and achieve critical milestones, which creates potential for greater valuation

  • Retain a larger ownership stake in the company prior to an IPO or other liquidity event

  • Achieving milestones quickly in many cases also means reaching the IPO stage more rapidly

Capital at a Cost that Makes Sense:

Synergy Capital Markets is specifically built to work with companies that may not yet have a track record or even steady revenue. Rather, we work to understand the businesses of our portfolio companies and the viability of their long-term vision.

Synergy Capital Markets has NO UPFRONT FEES OR COSTS, and 100% of the Synergy Capital Markets Fees are collected upon capitalization of the Company. Should the Company not become capitalized per the terms of the agreement, Synergy Capital Markets shall make no efforts to collect any fees from the Company.

Synergy Capital Markets does not participate in the sale of securities, or the marketing of securities, nor does Synergy Capital Markets provide investment advice to individual investors.


Synergy Capital Markets is an Alternative Investments Advisor to Family Offices, Investment Banking Firms, Registered Investment Advisory Firms, Asset Management Firms, Broker Dealers, Market Makers, Life Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments and other Institutional Investment Firms. 

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