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Oil & Natural Gas Venture Capital

Synergy Capital Markets partners with companies that provide products and services to the oil and gas, power, environmental, energy efficiency and alternative energy sectors. We partner with experienced management teams executing on focused business plans targeting established commercial markets with compelling products or services. Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we actively work with our portfolio companies to create value without micromanaging.

We partner with businesses with meaningful commercial revenue/cash flow potential, and companies formed in partnership with management teams to grow organically or through acquisitions. Our partnerships are based on long-term fundamental analysis, not short-term market trends, and look to establish lasting relationships with our portfolio company teams.

Synergy Capital Markets' investments can take the form of growth capital, buyout capital, start-up funding for companies formed with management teams, and private investments in publicly-traded companies.

Synergy Capital Markets' growth investments typically represent a minority, non-control position, with proceeds used to fund a company's strategic plan; our buyout investments typically that represent a majority control position and can be accompanied by the use of debt for cash flow positive businesses.

Synergy Capital Markets' provides value-added support including, but not limited to, developing and refining long-term strategic plans, offering strategic guidance, identifying and helping retain senior management, utilizing SJM Capital’s vast industry network, sharing best practices across the portfolio, accelerating acquisition efforts and sourcing debt or equity capital.

Fostering Growth without Diluting Equity:

For Oil & Natural Gas companies at critical stages of development, debt can serve as a key financing option to foster growth, with minimal dilution of equity ownership. At Synergy Capital Markets, not only do we understand the industries of our portfolio Oil & Natural Gas companies, but we also understand the growth process - and occasionally the growing pains - they undergo.

When venture debt is used appropriately, we believe entrepreneurs gain the following benefits:

  • Able to raise capital in a way that benefits the team and the business as a result of the greater flexibility offered by venture debt than traditional forms of debt financing

  • Have more time between equity rounds to build the business and achieve critical milestones, which creates potential for greater valuation

  • Retain a larger ownership stake in the company prior to an IPO or other liquidity event

  • Achieving milestones quickly in many cases also means reaching the IPO stage more rapidly

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